Daily Roundup: August 28-29, 2020

Daily Articles Related to Election Cybersecurity

Election Cybersecurity

Election security officials see no sign of foreign threat to mail-in voting
Devlin Barrett / The Washington Post / Aug. 29, 2020

No more in-person election briefings for Congress, Intelligence Chief says
Nicholas Fandos / The New York Times / Aug. 29, 2020

Nation-state hackers ‘rattling at our doorknob,’ election official tells Congress
Benjamin Freed / StateScoop / Aug. 28, 2020

Congress airs concerns over U.S. Election security, funding
Todd Shields / Bloomberg / Aug. 28, 2020

Carter Center, pushing for fair elections, turns focus to US
Ashley Thomas / The Associated Press / Aug. 28, 2020

The Cybersecurity 202: DHS will run a war room for a week or more to protect November election
Joseph Marks and Tonya Riley / The Washington Post / Aug. 27, 2020

Cybersecurity / Technology

U.S. Cyber Command helps prosecutors seize stolen cryptocurrency traced to illicit N. Korea nuclear weapons program
Spencer S. Hsu / The Washington Post / Aug. 28, 2020

U.S. moves to seize cryptocurrency accounts linked to North Korean heists
Ian Talley / The Wall Street Journal / Aug. 27, 2020

With many federal employees working from home, cybersecurity experts look to beef up defenses
Brian Contreras / Los Angeles Times / Aug. 28, 2020

In Bid for TikTok, Microsoft Flexes Power in Washington
Karen Weise and David McCabe / The New York Times / Aug. 28, 2020

The US has lots to lose and little to gain by banning TikTok and WeChat
Jeremy Straub / The Conversation / Aug. 28, 2020

Tech firms filing to go public warn investors of shifts in privacy rules
David Uberti / The Wall Street Journal / Aug. 28, 2020

Data protection vs. cybersecurity: Why you need both
Analytics Insight / Aug. 29, 2020

The Age-Old Secrets of Modern Scams
Ariel Sabar / The Wall Street Journal / Aug. 29, 2020

The convention(al) wisdom on tech
Nancy Scola / POLITICO / Aug. 28, 2020

Cybersecurity / Technology — International

Britain’s cyber spy chief targeted by lockdown phishing email
Mike Wright / The Telegraph / Aug. 28, 2020

New Zealand stock exchange disrupted by fourth ‘offshore’ cyber attack
Reuters / The Guardian / Aug. 28, 2020

New Zealand bourse resumes trade after cyber attacks, government activates security systems
Praveen Menon et al. / Reuters / Aug. 27, 2020

Inside China Tech: Unfolding dramas with TikTok, Huawei
SCMP Reporters / South China Morning Post / Aug. 29, 2020

Belarusian officials shut down internet with technology made by U.S. firm
Ryan Gallagher / Bloomberg / Aug. 28, 2020

Disinformation / Misinformation

Google greenlights ads with ‘blatant disinformation’ about voting by mail
Isaac Stanley-Becker / The Washington Post / Aug. 28, 2020

Factbox: What is QAnon and how are social media sites handling it?
Elizabeth Culliford et al. / Reuters / Aug. 28, 2020

What should we do about QAnon now that it has gone mainstream?
Mathew Ingram / Columbia Journalism Review / Aug. 28, 2020

‘But I saw it on Facebook’: Hoaxes are making doctors’ jobs harder
Seema Yasmin / The New York Times / Aug. 28, 2020

Australian MP takes on conspiracy theorist in court but experts don’t know where to begin with online battle
Michael McGowan / The Guardian / Aug. 28, 2020

Fact check: Melania Trump’s Rose Garden redesign did not remove rose bushes from all first ladies since 1913
Reuters Fact Check Team / Reuters / Aug. 28, 2020

Fact check: Michelle Obama did not say to “vote Democrat or riots and violence will continue”
Reuters Fact Check Team / Reuters / Aug. 28, 2020

Elections During a Pandemic

Judge orders Postal Service to give details to Washington and other states over changes in mail delivery ahead of election
Joseph O’Sullivan / The Seattle Times / Aug. 27, 2020

State elections officials push back against concerns around mail-in voting, drop boxes
Maggie Miller / The Hill / Aug. 28, 2020

U.S. state election officials say little evidence of absentee ballot fraud
Mark Hosenball / Reuters / Aug. 28, 2020

With virtual conventions over, unconventional campaign revs up
Catherine Lucey / The Wall Street Journal / Aug. 28, 2020

Yes, we just saw the future of conventions
POLITICO Magazine / POLITICO / Aug. 28, 2020

Transgender Americans’ voting rights were already in jeopardy. The pandemic threatens to make things worse.
Kate Sosin / USA Today / Aug. 27, 2020

NBA playoffs will resume Saturday after deal on voting initiatives
Ben Cohen / The Wall Street Journal / Aug. 28, 2020

The Forum to be an L.A. County voting center as Steve Ballmer makes good on NBA’s pledge
Andrew Greif / Los Angeles Times / Aug. 28, 2020

Are you an American voting from abroad? Here’s how to do it
Jennifer Jett / The New York Times / Aug. 28, 2020

More companies pledge to give workers time to vote
Dee-Ann Durbin / The Associated Press / Aug. 27, 2020

HeadCount launches ‘Festival Challenge’ to encourage voter registration
Claire Shaffer / Rolling Stone / Aug. 28, 2020