Daily Roundup: Feb 23, 2020

Daily Articles Related to Election Cybersecurity

Buttigieg Campaign Claims Errors in Tallying Nevada Results
Emily Glazer and John McCormick / The Wall Street Journal / Feb 23, 2020

Buttigieg campaign alleges “irregularities” in Nevada results
Alex Tin et al / CBS News / Feb 23, 2020

Why Are Nevada Caucus Results Coming in So Slowly?
Reid J. Epstein / The New York Times / Feb 22, 2020

Looking to Nevada, will Dems avoid mistakes of Iowa?
Christina A. Cassidy and Stephen Ohlemacher / Feb 22, 2020

Reliability of pricey new voting machines questioned
Frank Bajak / The Associated Press / Feb 22, 2020

Early voting starts in L.A. County, with some hiccups reported
Alex Wigglesworth / Los Angeles Times / Feb 22, 2020

Twitter suspends 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts for campaign’s copy-and-paste strategy
Meryl Kornfield / The Washington Post / Feb 22, 2020

Twitter Suspends Some Accounts Backing Michael Bloomberg
Betsy Morris / The Wall STreet Journal / Feb 22, 2020

TSA halts employees from using TikTok for social media posts
Michael Balsamo / The Associated Press / Feb 22, 2020

Schumer cites security, DHS ban in questioning TSA use of TikTok
Zack Budryk / The Hill / Feb 23, 2020

‘Please disregard, vote for Bernie’: Inside Bloomberg’s paid social media army
Suhauna Hussain / Los Angeles Times / Feb 23, 2020

Democratic senator: It’s ‘pretty clear’ Russia supports political right in US ‘over and over again’
Justin Coleman / The Hill / Feb 23, 2020

Clyburn on Russian election meddling: ‘There is something going wrong’
Tal Axelrod / The Hill / Feb 22, 2020

Pence aide says intel report of Russia helping Trump is “false information”
Zachary Basu / Axios / Feb 23, 2020

Trump administration officials seek once again to downplay Russian election interference
Laura King / Los Angeles Times / Feb 23, 2020

National Security Adviser Discounts Reports of Russian Interference to Help Re-elect Trump
Michael R. Gordon / The Wall Street Journal / Feb 23, 2020

National security adviser dismisses claims of Russian 2020 interference
Rishika Dugyala / Politico / Feb 23, 2020

Trump doesn’t want to hear about Russian election interference. So Congress must step up.
The Washington Post / Feb 22, 2020

Trump accuses Schiff of leaking intelligence about Russia to hurt Sanders
Jeff Mason and Tim Ahmann / Reuters / Feb 23, 2020

Trump security adviser slammed for ‘politicizing intelligence’ on Russian meddling
Martin Pengelly / The Guardian / Feb 23, 2020

Trump says he was not told that Russia was helping Sanders
Deb Riechmann / The Associated Press / Feb 22, 2020

Responding to news of Russian interference, Trump sends chilling message to U.S. intelligence community
Josh Dawsey et al / The Washington Post / Feb 22, 2020

U.S. national security adviser denies Russia boosting Trump reelection
Lindsay Dunsmuir / Reuters / Feb 22, 2020

Hampton and Norfolk State unravel history together
Nichelle Smith and Monique Calello / The Washington Post / Feb 23, 2020

One group of Israelis is benefiting from the endless cycle of elections: Campaign advisers
Ruth Eglash / The Washington Post / Feb 22, 2020

Togo election could see president extend family’s long rule
Didier Assogba and Lekan Oyekanmi / The Associated Press / Feb 22, 2020

Losing $450,000 in Three Days: Hackers Trick Victims Into Big Wire Transfers
Rachel Louise Ensign / The Wall Street Journal / Feb 23, 2020

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