Election Cybersecurity Round-Up: April 13-15, 2021

Articles Related to Election Cybersecurity

The Experts Corner

Bringing the fight against disinformation to the next generation
Marie Harf / USC Election Cybersecurity Initiative / Apr. 14, 2021

USC in the News

Fool me once: How Chatham County can avert next cyberattack
Buck Ryan / Chatham News + Record / Apr. 15, 2021

Election Cybersecurity

Biden administration imposes significant economic sanctions on Russia over cyberspying, efforts to influence presidential election
Ellen Nakashima / The Washington Post / Apr. 15, 2021

U.S. imposes stiff sanctions on Russia, blaming it for major hacking operation
Michael D. Shear et al. / The New York Times / Apr. 15, 2021

US expels Russian diplomats, imposes sanctions for hacking
Eric Tucker and Ammer Madhani / The Associated Press / Apr. 15, 2021

The government finally connects the line from Trump’s campaign to Russian intelligence
Philip Bump / The Washington Post / Apr. 15, 2021

Public records indicate county clerk reached out to the Statewide Terrorism and Intelligence Center following election night website crash
Jen Lask / WCIA / Apr. 14, 2021

Cybersecurity / Technology

Spy Chiefs to warn of threats from SolarWinds to North Korea
Chris Strohm / Bloomberg / Apr. 13, 2021

The Cybersecurity 202: The FBI launched an operation to wipe out hacker access to hundreds of U.S. servers
Tonya Riley / The Washington Post / Apr. 14, 2021

FBI launches operation to remove malware from computers in US
Tal Axelrod / The Hill / Apr. 13, 2021

U.S. intelligence community details destructive cyber capabilities, growing influence threats
Shannon Vavra / CyberScoop / Apr. 13, 2021

Wyden urges ban on sale of Americans’ personal data to ‘unfriendly’ foreign governments
Drew Harwell / The Washington Post / Apr. 15, 2021

Experts see ‘unprecedented’ increase in hackers targeting electric grid
Maggie Miller / The Hill / Apr. 13, 2021

Hundreds of electric utilities downloaded SolarWinds backdoor, regulator says
Sean Lyngaas / CyberScoop / Apr. 13, 2021

Unpatched Microsoft Exchange Servers hit with cryptojacking
Shannon Vavra / CyberScoop / Apr. 14, 2021

IBM uncovers more attacks against Covid-19 vaccine supply chain
Jordan Robertson / Bloomberg / Apr. 14, 2021

NBA’s Houston Rockets face cyber-attack by ransomware group
Kartikay Mehrotra / Bloomberg / Apr. 14, 2021

Cash-strapped local governments turn to students for cybersecurity help | millions of IoT devices at risk
The Wall Street Journal / Apr. 14, 2021

USCIS automating pre-processing of immigration cases
Dave Nyczepir / FedScoop / Apr. 15, 2021

Cybersecurity / Technology — International

UK summons Russian ambassador over cyber attacks, Ukraine
Tal Axelrod / The Hill / Apr. 15, 2021

Canadian spy agency says foreign interference hit Cold War levels during 2020 pandemic
Cameron Jenkins / The Hill / Apr. 13. 2021

Ireland launches investigation into Facebook data leak
Chris Mills Rodrigo / The Hill / Apr. 14, 2021

The FBI wanted to unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. It turned to a little-known Australian firm.
Ellen Nakashima and Reed Albergotti / The Washington Post / Apr. 14, 2021

Disinformation / Misinformation

Smartmatic says disinformation on Fox News about the election was ‘no accident’
Jonah Bromwich / The New York Times / Apr. 12, 2021

J&J Covid-19 vaccine blood-clot cases could stir vaccine hesitancy
Jared S. Hopkins / The Wall Street Journal / Apr. 14, 2021

Will Facebook stop climate myths and misinformation?
Kurt Wagner / Bloomberg / Apr. 13, 2021

Intelligence leaders warn of threats from China, domestic terrorism
Maggie Miller and Rebescca Beitsch / The Hill / Apr. 14, 2021

Elections During a Pandemic

Arkansas lawmakers approve changes to state’s election laws
Andrew DeMillo / The Associated Press / Apr. 14, 2021

Bay County reducing voting sites for Tuesday elections; early voting ends Friday
Jacqueline Bostick / The News Herald / Apr. 14, 2021

Fulton commissioners vote on resolution to start legal challenge over Georgia’s new election law
Donesha Aldridge / 11Alive / Apr. 14, 2021

Luzerne County adding three mail ballot drop boxes
Jennifer Andes / Times Leader / Apr. 15, 2021

Richmond Electoral Board appoints new top election official, months after removing Kirk Showalter
Jessica Nocera and Chris Suarez / Richmond Times-Dispatch / Apr. 14, 2021

Wisconsin Senate approves Republican election changes
Todd Richman / The Associated Press / Apr. 14, 2021

American Airlines’ CEO on voter access and what comes next in Texas
Chip Cutter / The Wall Street Journal / Apr. 15, 2021

Hundreds of companies unite to oppose voting limits, but others abstain
David Gelles and Andrew Ross Sorkin / The New York Times / Apr. 14, 2021

What’s in the Democrats’ voting-rights bill
Alexa Corse and Siobhan Hughes / The Wall Street Journal / Apr. 14, 2021

Pollsters say they undercounted republicans, Trump supporters in 2020
Aaron Zitner / The Wall Street Journal / Apr. 13, 2021